2023 GAME WORLD: 101 Ideas For ONLINE GAME

What will happen to us in 2023? Although it is good not to make predictions with too much hope. Afraid that disappointment will come back into your daily life. It’s important to stay optimistic. We’ll still be in full swing at Time Out, but preparation has won half the battle. So we made a contingency plan in case everything would go back to the dogs.

To put it shorter, it is If you are stuck in the house You may not have enough supplies to keep you entertained. After all, cabin fever is no fun. but to change that All it takes is a change in approach and a carefully selected list of experts. Join us and you will find a wide variety of content. From books and games to movies and TV shows. I have not abandoned the wonders of the outside world. But I might find it more desirable. really beautiful outside

Ask people what games they won’t play.

Henry Ford said, “If I ask people what they want, They probably told me they wanted a faster horse.” And it hurt. People don’t know what they want until they have it. He’s a strange human being. But sometimes it’s easier for people to say things they don’t want. Food is a good example. When you meet a friend for dinner, they ask, “What do you want?” You don’t always know. But you can tell you don’t want Mexican, Chinese, or pasta. Use the elimination process and see what happens!

Ideaphoria aka ‘The Vomiting Thought Game’

Adjust everything and close everything. Now for 15 minutes, write down all the thoughts that come to your mind. Don’t censor it. write if you remember don’t judge it don’t consider it Just write on paper, every word, every thought, every thought must come to this page. Then review when you’re done. Some of the words on that page might be golden thoughts. at least You need to clear the space in your brain for true thinking.

Don’t miss the great new movies you missed in 2023.

Yes, 2020 was more of a movie year than ever, and 2023 isn’t exactly making a glorious comeback. But even with the closure of the cinema The transition to streaming and great uncertainty about what will happen next. But there are also many interesting movies to enjoy. This past year has been a good one for fans of Spielberg, Jane Campion and more, with big-name actors stepping down from more iconic roles. to prove Check out our selection of the top 20 movies of 2023. Stock up on snacks and let the movie marathon begin.